Thuis voor Oekraïne

About us

Like so many others, we are very concerned about what is currently going on in Ukraine. The entire population of a country is in great uncertainty about the future of their country, their own future and above all the health of their loved ones. Families are broken up because men often stay behind to defend their country with everything they have in them.

Our motivation

The feeling of injustice and the powerless touches us deeply. Doing nothing was therefore no longer an option for us.

We have decided to use our strength, connecting people, and start the citizens’ initiative ‘Home for Ukraine’. Our biggest motivation for this is that we want to make the youngest generation of refugees feel that there are many beautiful people on this earth who want to do everything they can to offer them a warm and safe place in these terrible times. It is a non-profit initiative.

We hope, together with you, to make a difference for a large number of families, increasing their chance of a good future.

Not alone

We explicitly do not ask for a financial contribution. Go to Giro555: Samen in actie voor Oekraïne (Together in action for Ukraine).