Thuis voor Oekraïne

Thuis voor Oekraïne

Help gevluchte Oekraïners aan een tijdelijk onderkomen

Help Ukrainians find refuge

The war in Ukraine has displaced many people. Many women and children who want to leave the ravaged country flee to the safer west.

Ukrainians are free to travel to the Netherlands and are normally allowed to stay here legally for 90 days, without a visa. The State Secretary Van der Burg of Asylum and Migration has indicated that the IND will deal leniently with applications from Ukrainians to stay here longer on a regular basis. Ukrainian refugees may submit an asylum application if they wish. They then arrive at an asylum reception centre. Meanwhile, the first Ukrainians who have fled have reported to Ter Apel, and this number can quickly increase.

This site has been set up to ensure that Ukrainians can be accommodated as quickly and effectively as possible. We try to match supply and demand. Do you have the opportunity to give one or more Ukrainian refugees a temporary warm and safe home? Then register via the contact form.